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Ardh Sainik Homz – Stay Secure with respect

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An opportunity of Tourism Bustable_homz.phpiness at own village/home town

Ardh Sainik Homz Franchise Model

Advantages of Association

  • Easy to start opportunity

    AsHomz Easy to start and understand with low investment and fatigue a regular business income.

  • Full Guidance and training

    Full training and guidance with backhand support.

  • Best suitable business at home

    AsHomz is a convenient business offer to start at home town/village.

  • Village tourism – Most demanding

    AsHomz is now becoming the most demanding at PAN India basis as regular interest is being received from all.

Although many of us have been "tourists" at some point in our lives, defining what tourism actually is can be difficult. Tourism is the activities of people traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for leisure, business or other purposes for not more than one consecutive year. Tourism is a dynamic and competitive industry that requires to support customers' changing needs and desires, as the customer’s satisfaction, safety and enjoyment are particularly the focus of tourism businesses. Moreover, now a days peoples are looking for new and natural destination for tourism and Indian villages are most attractive places for urban citizens of India and for worldwide populations.

On the other hand, the rehabilitation is a big need and challenge for the country and rehabilitation of retired personnel is more challenging for the Government as well as for the Society.

Ardh Sainik Homz is an Ardh Sainik Welfare Group initiative to assist the Government for rehabilitation of forces personnel and to facilitate retired force personnel and their family members to provide suitable work at their home/village.

90% of the soldiers of Paramilitary and Defence Forces are belonging to the villages and there is a huge demand of village Tourism worldwide. The 20% of populations of India is residing in urban cities and they are always keen to visit in villages subject to conditions, if they find a suitable place for stay.

Every soldier having their own pakka/kachha houses in villages, and through “Ardh Sainik Homz” we offer to India and world to visit in villages of India and stay secure with respect at the home of Indian Soldiers and enjoy the village life. Moreover, staying at the homz of Solders will be proud able for all citizens. During this stay need to arrange a tour of entire village area such as Ponds, old temples, old well, farmers working style, etc. and this will be definitely enjoyed by these visitor tourists with freshness and original life of village.

All the citizen having faith in our soldier therefore, they will prefer to stay and regularly visit from one village to other and Jawans family will get business opportunity at home. Now, it is most important for us to serve and support the visitor/Guests for his entire satisfaction with due respect.

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Running Ardh Sainik Homz in UP from last 8 months and must say it is very successful franchise model with very optimum investment. I have now more than 100 regular customers and it also feel good to serve the nation with pride.

Ardh Sainik Homz is very good business idea with lowest investment. After my retirement from BSF, I have got this opportunity to enroll myself into this business and successfully served my local district people with good margins over variety of products.